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Spark Hires Video Interviewing Platform Wins G2 Crowd Best Usability Award

Spark Hires Video Interviewing Platform Wins G2 Crowd Best Usability AwardSpark Hire received the Best Usability Award based on responses of real video interviewing users onG2 Crowd,the worlds leading business solution review platform.Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, said of the award, Were ecstatic about the results of the video interviewing report. This is a testament to all the hard work done by every member of our team.Highlighting Spark Hires ratings includes Ease of Use which scored 96% and Ease of Adminat 98%.TheG2 Crowd Video Interviewing Indexis based on ratings by business professionals. Spark Hire received ten or more reviews and five responses for each of the usability-related questions to qualify for inclusion in the Usability Index.Business professionals rank the tools they use. G2 Crowd compiles all the rankings and awards the highest rated with its awards.Rankings on G2 Crowd reports are based on data provided to us by real users, said Michael Fauscette, Chief Research Officer at G2 Crowd. We are excited to share the achievements of the products ranked on our site because they represent the voice of the user and offer terrific insights to potential buyers around the world.Business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts use G2 Crowd to compare the best software and services based on peer reviews and social data. Every month, more than one million people visit G2 Crowd to gain unique insights.While this recognition is very rewarding, says Tolan, were extremely committed to the continued improvement and innovation of our product and business operations to deliver the highest level of service to our customers.Get a live demo of Spark HireTo learn more about Spark Hire and landsee the easy to use product in action, request a demo todayAbout G2 Crowd?G2 Crowd, the worlds leading business solution review platform, leverages more than 381,000 user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions. Business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts use the site to compare and select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data. Every month, more than one million people visit G2 Crowds site to gain unique insights.

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How to Apply to a Remote Job with No Telecommuting Experience

How to Apply to a Remote Job with No Telecommuting ExperienceHow to Apply to a Remote Job with No Telecommuting ExperienceIf you thought that having no telecommuting experience might prevent you from applying to a remote job, think again. After all, there are many ways to position yourself as a qualified remote candidate with only in-geschftszimmer experience on your resume. These tips can help you as you apply to a remote job- sans remote work experience.Heres how to apply to a remote job with no telecommuting experienceHighlight any remote work experience. Remote work experience isnt just relegated to full-time, work-from-home jobs. If youre looking to highlight past remote jobs, think outside of the 9-to-5 telecommuting job box and include any and all times that you worked remotely- even if they were for in-office jobs.For example, you can mention how youve worked from home on sick days, or when a major storm prevented you and your team from traveling into the office. And dont for get, freelance gigs count, too, so be sure to include those as well. Remember, employers arent exclusively looking for full-time jobs- theyre looking to binnensee if youve worked remotely in the past.Highlight your remote skills. Working remotely is very different from toiling away in a traditional office. You need to have very strong communication skills that replace daily face-to-face chats, and you also need to be a self-starter and a strong problem solver. Being able to self-manage is another key component to being a solid remote worker.Chances are, you may already have some of these skills, even if youve never held a remote job before. So be sure to highlight these coveted soft skills, both in the skills section on your resume and also on your cover letter- and cite examples when you used them in previous jobs.Show your preparedness.One of the main reasons why an employer might be reticent to hire a remote worker with no previous experience is the fact that he might not be prep ared to handle the position. Show that youre ready to dive right into the role (should you be offered the job, that is), by mentioning in your cover letter that you already have your home office ready to roll.You can state that you have the equipment and programs required to be a successful remote worker. Pointing out that you are taking the steps ahead of time to have your home office up and running shows that youre serious about the position, which can be a major selling pointBe a persistent job applicant.Sure, you may have never had a remote job before, but sometimes persistence trumps past work experience. You can position yourself ahead of other qualified candidates who might have remote work experience by being the best job applicant possible. How so? Well, start by filling out the entire job application, soup to nuts.Next, write a unique and engaging cover letter and resume that are tailored to the position. Finally, after submitting your application, be sure to follow up wit h the hiring manager a week or two afterwards, stressing your interest in the job and what makes you a strong contender for the position. Believe it or not, those minor details can have a major impact and impress a potential employer- whether you have remote work experience or not.Score some experience. If a lack of prior remote work experience is stopping you from landing a remote job, take the steps towards gaining some during your job search. You might want to take on a volunteer project, such as offering up some hours for your childs school, or doing a project from home for your community. You might even take on a short-term, freelance project that can give you new skills plus some fresh remote job experience for your resume.Adding remote experience to your portfolio not only gives you new information to add to your resume, but it also gives you the right to say that, yes, youve worked remotely, too.Browse Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs

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How to build a strong Resume

How to build a strong ResumeHow to build a strong ResumeYour resume should be proficient and strong, in light of the fact that on the off chance that you dont have an extraordinary resume your application materials presumably wont get a second look from any contracting supervisor.An amateurish resume one that is hard to peruse, confounding, shrouded in mistakes, or disconnected from the activity the individual is applying for will get hurled in the waste immediately. Employing directors frequently get handfuls, even hundreds, of candidates for each activity. An amateurish resume influences you to look amateurish as an occupation searcher and will cost you a conceivable meeting.Another awful thought is to utilize a splendidly shaded paper. It might appear an adorable thought and clearly, it will get saw, however, its not efficient and wont extend the expert picture you require.Your resume, to be powerful, should be steady, compact, and clear and simple to peruse. Stay away from mode st textual styles, thick squares of content, dubious dialect or over the top language, and conflicting organizing.Tips on Making an Expert ResumeSelect the best resume formatThere are a few essential kinds of resumes used to apply for employment opportunities. Contingent upon your own conditions, plektrum a sequential, practical, mix, or focused on continue. Setting aside the opportunity to pick the best sort of resume for your circumstance is certainly justified regardless of the exertion.Make it clearYour resume ought to be anything but difficult to peruse. You need the employing director to effortlessly read and ingest your work history and achievements. In this manner, utilize a readable textual style. Ensure the textual style isnt too huge or too little (pick a size somewhere in the range of 10 and 12).Likewise, make certain that there is sufficient blank area on the page to make it simple to check. Stay away from thick squares of content and utilize standard edges. Utilize whi te-or cream-hued paper in the event that you are sending a physical resume hued paper can be extremely diverting.Be predictableProficient resumes need steady organizing. For example, on the off chance that you utilize visual cues to portray your duties and accomplishments at one position, make certain to utilize visual cues on every single other position also. Additionally, verify that the visual cues are organized on a similar route all through. For instance, dont utilize circle visual cues in a single area, and jewel visual cues in another segment. Be reliable with textual style, text dimension, and style, (for example, utilization of strong and italics).Keep it centeredIts imperative not to incorporate unessential data. mora isnt really better. Your resume should center around the attitudes and characteristics that qualify you for the activity. Forget anything that wont encourage you. A resume shouldnt be a few pages ache for the normal occupation searcher, a one-page continue i s sufficiently likely, or two pages at most.Give it a makeoverIn case youre short on time, these little, ground-breaking, and simple to-do tips for refreshing your resume will up your odds of getting it seen by the employing supervisor.Utilize continue cases and layoutsUtilize a resume case or format to enable you to compose your resume. A case can enable you to choose what data to incorporate. Layouts can enable you to arrange your resume. Notwithstanding, at whatever point you utilize a resume illustration or layout, make sure to tweak your resume, so it mirrors your aptitudes and capacities, and the occupations you are applying for. A straightforward duplicate/glue isnt sufficient.Get inventiveIn case youre in an innovative field, you may utilize a free resume site to construct an imaginative resume that incorporates every one of the aspects of a conventional resume, with additional items like video, infographics, and connections to your achievements. Be that as it may, just do t his on the off chance that you are in an innovative industry. Else, you unquestionably need to adhere to a customary resume.Painstakingly alter your resumeSpelling and sentence structure mistakes can influence a candidate to appear to be oblivious to subtle elements. Survey these sealing rules to guarantee that your resume is steady and blunder free. At that point check it once more. Whats more, on the off chance that you can, discover another person to take a gander at it as well, since its so natural to miss your own particular grammatical errors.Get continue to helpComposing a resume is diligent work and its imperative to get help, or if nothing else have your resume checked on before you send it to managers. Think about utilizing a vocation guide or other expert resume administration to enable you to ensure your resume is proficient and cleaned.Check your resumeThe resume agenda incorporates the data you have to incorporate into your resume. Utilize the agenda to ensure you have incorporated all important data in your resume. It might likewise be a smart thought to ensure you dont have any of the basic errors on your resume.

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This is the one skill that all great leaders have

This is the one skill that all great leaders haveThis is the one skill that all great leaders haveWhat separates good leaders from great ones?In a recent Inc. video, author and ethnographerSimon Sinekexplains how great leaders keep the learning process going throughout their careers.Leadership is a skill, a learnable, practicable skill, and the best leaders dont consider themselves experts- they consider themselves students, he says.Sinek says good leaders are practicing. They have picked up on leadership skills and are beginning to apply what theyve learned.But a great leader is beyond that point. Sinek says that this person has truly exercised leadership skills and has a real knowledge of prioritizing the needs of the people - sometimes, before our own needs.Great leaders are always learningSinek says that great leaders are those who consider themselves students regardless of their status.Ive met some really, really senior, really, really remarkable people, and all they wanna do is read about leadership, talk about leadership, watch interviews about leadership- they have an insatiable curiosity to continually improve their leadership skills. In other words, they understand its elend some rank theyve achieved, but rather, its a skill they need to perfect for the rest of their lives.Heexplains the same concept in another video.Teaching - like anything - is the species of sharing not just what you know, but what you dont know, he says.He also advises against using the term expert because he says theres so much more to learn.Here are three ways you can keep learning throughout your career.1. Embrace the beginners mindIna Harvard Business Review article, Roderick Gilkey and Clint Kilts definethis term, which was reportedly used by Buddhist monks, as a willingness to step back from prior knowledge and existing conventions in order to start over and cultivate new options- a challenge that typically activates right-hemisphere cognitions.They writeIn Zen Mind, Be ginners Mind, author Shunryu Suzuki describes the Zen mind as one that is open, allowing for both doubt and possibility, and one that has the ability to see things as fresh and new. As he observed, In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts there are few.No matter how many years of experience you have in your field, be open to the idea that there is always more to learn.2. Explore non-work topicsIts important to challenge yourself to learn something different, Kelsey Meyer writes inForbes.Engaging in presentations, specifically question-and-answer sessions, is my favorite learning practice. One of our investors,, hosts education sessions monthly on topics ranging from game theory to why we get fat. As a leader, you should encourage these types of events during the workday to challenge your employees to learn something outside their specific job responsibilities. This will stimulate their brains by making them focus on something unexpected, whi ch will undoubtedly enhance their creativity and brainstorming skills at work.Be open to learning new things - doing so canboth challenge you and keep your skill set sharp.3. Use others as a resourceJust as Sinek says he learns from his students, you should be receptive to others so you can learn new things,no matter how far up the corporate ladder you are. Your employees and fellow executives can be immense resources for inspiration and creativity.Dont limit yourself to what you know already - get comfortable with the idea that theres a universe of knowledge youre not yet familiar with, and make an effort to get there by trying new things and learning from others around you in the office.

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Top Trainings Available to Finance and Accounting Professionals

Top Trainings Available to Finance and Accounting ProfessionalsTop Trainings Available to Finance and Accounting ProfessionalsTOP TRAININGS AVAILABLE TO FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALSCFOs reported providing accounting and finance staff training in the following areasTechnology skills 61%Functional accounting and finance skills 60%Leadership/management training 56%Soft skills such as writing, negotiation and presentation 46%No training provided 7%Multiple responses allowed.

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How Body Language Attire Influence Your Job Interview

How Body Language Attire Influence Your Job InterviewHow Body Language Attire Influence Your Job InterviewBody Language and Image in Interviews for Technical Professionals After all your effort in selecting the right role and sending off your brilliant cover letter and resume comes the time for the actual einstellungsgesprch. Our industry leading IT Client Managers (recruiters) have already provided you with tips on the Behavioural Event Interviewing (BEI) process on this site. However, this paper discusses the often overlooked and equally vital issues of Body Language and Image in a job interview. In a technical industry such as IT, some candidates are prone to being disadvantaged by wearing inappropriate dress and having poor body language - which is often caused by nervousness. This document is applicable to both IT recruiter interviews and Client (future employer) interviews. So please read this easy to follow practical advice on behauptung subjects and increase your success rate of getting an offer. The Importance of Body Language and Image in the Interview Process Did you know that Body Language (non-verbal signals) are approximately five times as effective as the spoken word? And that visual first impressions make the biggest contribution to an interviewer making their mind up either positively or negatively about you, usually within the first five minutes. This is what makes your attention to detail about your image management vital to your success. Everything from your entry into reception to how you engage in conversation with recruiters and potential employers is being subconsciously and consciously evaluated. This is why it is important to project yourself confidently, with a positive tone. Not brashly, not anmaendly, but by being prepared (researched), appearing interested and upbeat about the role AND meeting the interviewer. The interview should not be viewed as a trial, but as a gunst der stunde for a pleasant mutual information transfer . Initial interviewer impressions include your entrance, handshake, eye contact and physical appearance. All of unterstellung facets comprise the impression you will make, and can often convey a stronger message than what you actually say. Because once a bad impression is made the interviewer is likely to tune out or look to closing down the interview early. Your job here is to make a strong early connection with the interviewer so they want to listen to you and put you forward. Job Interviews The Components to Success The components that an interviewer makes judgments on when first meeting someone includes, but is not limited to PostureEye contactPersonal GroomingClothesBody Language Your Posture Confidence is projected when you walk tall with your head up and shoulders back. At all costs, avoid programmers slouch from days spent hunched in front of a computer. Exercise and a healthy life-balance contribute long term to great posture and well being. However, in the short te rm even the healthiest candidates, if feeling particularly intimated, will need to check that they are maintaining a good posture. Getting friends to evaluate you at this point in mock interviews, can provide fantastic feedback. Ideally, your posture should embody a confident and friendly entrance into the reception and continue when you are greeted by the interviewer. During the interview, sit up straight with your bottom into the back of the chair. This will ensure good posture and project interest and alertness. You may wish to lean forward at certain stages during the conversation, but avoid taking up the interviewers personal space or appearing too eager or even desperate. Again its a fine line that only practice will help you to get right. Eye Contact Maintain comfortable eye contact throughout the interview. Looking directly at the person you are speaking to is interpreted as a gesture of interest, trust, and confidence, so ensure that this is done throughout the intervie w about 80% of the time. It is noted that when people are asked to recall work examples there is a natural tendency for them to look down or up as they process the request. Make sure that after you have accessed your (well practiced) example that you remember to return to your natural eye contact during the re-telling. Additionally, you can use a nod of the head to indicate understanding and agreement. It is advisable to smile your way through most of the interview which will have the natural effect of putting the interviewer and yourself at ease. Shy people may find it difficult to maintain a long eye contact and may even try to over-compensate. It should be noted that coming up with the equivalent of a death stare is equally distracting. Natural eye contact, smiling, good posture and the confident body language suggestions below only improve with practice. Personal Grooming Grooming usually involves all the things that your mother told you about. Such things as a neat hair, clean facial hair (men), clean fingernails, use of deodorant etc. For women light make-up with natural lipstick shades, and light or no perfume work best. Ideally, clean your teeth before the interview so that your breath will be smelling fresh. Another option is to eat breath mints before the interview. Under no circumstances should you be either chewing gum or have a mint in your mouth during the interview. For cigarette smokers, please ensure that your clothes and hair do not smell of cigarettes, as this can be a real negative with employers. Remember to give yourself plenty of time before the interview to attend to your hair, cool down or touch up. It is advisable that you have a practice run to reach the interview place on time. On the day of the interview, leave for the interview early to ensure there is plenty of spare time should a delay occur. This will reduce the chance of you looking and feeling flustered during theall-importantbeginning of the interview. Interview Att ire It is important that you pay particular attention to appropriate clothing attire. The general rule in the IT industry (at least for the interview) is to dress conservatively and professionally. For men, a well maintained modern suit with a conservative tie is ideal. Avoid all loud colors and distracting patterns. Plain color shirts, color-matched ties, and dark suits work best. Attention to detail such as wearing black polished business shoes and plain dark socks is also recommended. Unless you are a color-coordination expert, dress on the side of conservatism. Remember that recruiters assess candidates for a living and can quickly assess inappropriate business attire. Do not make the mistake of distracting the interviewer with obvious fashion mistakes anything that is loud, old or out of place could count against you. Women have mora options regarding appropriate interview dress. This can include many variations of colors, skirt or pants etc. But again the general safest rule is to think corporate. Overall, all candidates are advised to dress appropriately as discussed above, as well as for confidence and comfort. Essentially something that includes these factors and makes you feel good is ideal Body Language Sitting with your arms crossed can be seen as an arrogant or defensive gesture, so try to avoid this. Likewise, for leg positions, both feet flat on the floor or the low cross, where your legs are crossed over at the ankles is a good option. Having your legs crossed higher up can be construed as a defensive or arrogant gesture. Alternatively, if this doesnt feel natural to you, another option is to put your feet one in front of the other, with your back foot raised with only your toes touching the ground. This body language conveys a ready for action stance. If you are a person who uses their hands a lot while speaking, try to keep this to a minimum. This will not only distract the interviewer from your words but will break your eye contact. T he less you use your arms and hands, the more powerful you will appear in the interview. Mirroring the body language of the interviewer/s is also a good technique - as like people attract. If you reflect back the body language of the interviewer, you are more likely to make a positive impression and put them at ease. Final Tips Allow enough time to get to the interview so that you wont arrive feeling stressed or hot and flustered. Aim to arrive 10 minutes early. If you have spare time, sit somewhere nearby to gather your thoughts, and reflect on the possible questions that you may be asked. If you are running late always ensure that the recruiter/ employer is notified, an apology extended, and an estimated time of arrival provided. If circumstance beyond your control prevent you from getting to an interview or meeting on time, call earlier rather than later. Take as little as possible with you. You dont want to be fumbling around with folders, bags, and pens when the interviewer comes to greet you. One folio/satchel with a pen and paper, with any questions you may wish to answer, is ample.When you greet the interviewer/s, always initiate the handshake, as it will make you appear confident and friendly. Make sure your handshake is strong and forthright and for as long as the interviewer shakes for.Avoid tapping your feet, or shifting in the seat, which can reflect nervousness and apprehension. Be prepared. The basis of preparation is performing in-depth research about the role and company well before the interview. You can often review the company via the www or request more information from the recruiter before the interview. Your task is to find out as much as you can about the culture and goals of the organization, including the size, various locations, the type of people who may be employed there and in what capacities. Looking and acting the part in an interview sends a strong message to a recruiter or potential employer that you will be able to perfor m on the job. Confidence, when coupled with your existing abilities, will make you a much stronger candidate than someone who on paper has the same or slightly more experience than you, but poor body language skills and image. Organizations are now placing more emphasis on candidates with strong people skills - having the pre-requisite technical skills is not enough. Subconsciously, poor body language may equate in some interviewers minds with poor people skills and potentially poor work performance. In particular the more senior you become, the more likely it is that interviews and roles will center on your people skills. This is especially true at the high-income end of IT jobs. In fact, its one of the main factors that separate candidates in occupations such as Business Analysts and Project Managers, from the pack. Most people under-sell themselves in interviews, seeing it as a competitive situation requiring fight or flight responses. Instead, we recommend that you practice proj ecting a strong confident image. Relax and try to make the most of this experience to highlight your skills, experience, and personal strengths. You may only get one chance to make an impression so make that opportunity count Introduction Job Interviews The authors of this article live and work in Melbourne, Australia in a major IT Recruitment Company, ADAPS. This article was created to rectify issues that our Client Managers experience with candidateswho seem to have great technical skills but present poorly in interview situations. This articleaccompanies other articles onTechCareerscalledLiving and Working in Australia, as well asBehavioral Interview Techniques and Resume Tips.ADAPS aim is to expand our search (internationally) for highly skilled IT Professionals interested in moving to Australia for high paying IT contracts.

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Top Executive Resume Templates Tips!

Top Executive Resume Templates Tips When applying for employment in a big business you may find they use specialized software to help weed out candidates. Based on any industry there are several sorts of executives. If youre retired, and looking for parte-time job which may earn you extra money, you might want to appear in to building your own company through Online advertising. If youve taken part in internships and volunteering which is quite related to your position, its also wise to state it. There are many advantages in referring and reviewing the previous templates. So many of the work search websites and resume sites incorporate free resume templates for your usage. There are lots of free resume templates readily available on the web but sometimes it can be very hard to select the best one that is most suited to you. Some superior templates are available for free, but the best ones will require that you pay a little fee so as to acquire access to them. When you have added your details and work experience, its possible to also save your resume as PDF if you desire. You can select from the 1 page or the 2 pages, which also has a cover letter and a portfolio. Zetys resume templates are made with the aid of recruiters and adhere to the best practices in HR. Have a peek at these examples to choose which format is right for you. Executive Resume Templates Features Resume templates are one method to guarantee structure behind your resume. Resume templates may also help you format your information whilst providing unique visual flair that will assist your resume stand out. The templates are made in such a way they make the resume stand out. Some templates also give advice of what type of lingo to be used and the kind of jargon which should be avoided. You may change almost every facet of your preferred template. An geschickt resume template is comparable to good packaging as it ought to be attractive and inviting. Resume templates exist to create your life simpler. Once you have selected your perfect resume template from our selection, follow our completely free expert guidance about ways to craft the ideal modern resume. A basic resume is also simpler to read. Resumes dont need to take so much of your time but still shouldnt be neglected. Our Student Resume Template can help you land the best internships and positions that are available to you. But What About Executive Resume Templates? When you have prepared and submitted your resume to an employer the hope is you will be requested to attend work interview to go over further whether youre going to be suitable. The executive resume template includes a double colored bar at the exact top that will highlight your contact info and keep it rather handy for the recruiter to get in touch with you. The letter must be tailored to a specific job and employer. The ideal cover letter needs to be necessary for students. Executive Resume Templates and Executive Resume Templates - The Perfect Combination Hiring managers are busy people and should they scan your resume and cant locate some information or skills fast you arent the one, whod secure a call today Hence, its importance cant be stressed more to an individual searching for a job or individuals that are actively watching out for this dream job. Its cool that youre searching for a job to have some money, but you need some difficulties with resume. Simply because youve got zero experience or its your very first job. Double check to ensure that everything on the last version of the resume is about you. So in case you havent made up your mind about which format you want to use, nows the moment. However much or what type of work experience youve got, theres a resume format that is likely to make your qualifications shine. Each resume format was made to improve your odds to find the job in 2018.